HO Scale Scenery

   HO Scale Scenery
    HO scale scenery is an important part of your new model railroad. There are many ways to create realistic HO scale scenery. The first thing you must do is to decide on an era to model after. Your layout can resemble a certain period in history, such as the late 1800's to the early 1900's. All the motive power of this era was steam. Diesel powered locomotives had not been invented yet. The HO scale scenery for this era would reflect that time, such as the types and styles of the buildings, the way the people dressed, the motor vehicles, and many more everyday objects could be used to create your HO scale scenery. 
   The next era would be the early to mid 1900's which is known as the "great transitional period". The end of World War II brought about many changes in the rail industry. Diesel locomotives were growing in popularity in every facet of the railroad business. They were much cheaper and easier to maintain. They were also more dependable than the steam locomotives. Your HO scale scenery for this era will be the most interesting and enjoyable to create, because you can model the best of both worlds. You can retain all your favorite steam locomotives as well as display and operate the later diesel equipment. The buildings were also modernized in construction methods as well as architecture. Indoor plumbing became more common as time went on, you'll have to add vent stacks to the roof tops. 
   The HO scale scenery can also reflect this transition. More modernization of industry due to methods that were developed during the war years were being implemented in many areas. The next time period that you can model is the 1950's through present day. Your old steam locomotives now become romantic pieces of yesteryear towing that occasioal excursion train or providing a quick ride at a show. Your HO scale scenery can display relics rusting away in some forgotten rail yard or scrap yard, there are many of them scattered around the country today. It's sad really, these were noble beasts in their time, they don't deserve to die this way. So with that in mind make sure your HO scale scenery includes a tribute to them by building at least one railroad museum on your pike, the steam gods will love you!
   No HO scale senery is complete without things like amusement parks with actual operating rides, lit up with all their splendor. The small towns with their hamburger stands, drive-in movie theaters, skating rinks in the winter with people skating. Clothes lines with freshly washed clothes blowing in the wind in the back yards of the houses here and there  and just about anything you can think of that would make your HO scale scenery even more realistic. 
   You can turn your scenery up another notch by adding electric lights in your buildings.  Light up kits can be purchased from your local hobby supply store that are easy to install. The lights are a nice addition to your HO scale scenery. You can also add street lights and traffic signals that really work. There really is no limit to the realism that can be added to your HO scale scenery. 
   As you develope your model railroad and add more track, buildings, industry and more, your HO scale scenery developes too! You can add entire towns that can replicate towns around you or any where you like. You can do just about anything with HO scale scenery.