Model RR Electronics

           Model Railroad Electronics

    Model railroad electronics can be a very interesting part of the hobby in any scale. Your HO model railroad operates on DC current. The Dc power comes from a power supply. These power supplies can be purchased from your local hobby supply store in the model railroad electronics department.
    You can also design and build your own custom power supply. Many model railroad electronics books are available at your local hobby supply or on the internet.Building your own power supply is not as difficult as it might sound. You need a few inexpensive tools to accomplish the task. 
    First you need a soldering iron, which you can purchase in the model railroad electronics department of your local hobby supply. You can also purchase them at any electronics store, such as Radio Shack and others. A few other simple tools, such as diagonal wire cutters, long nose pliers, small gauge 95/5 solder, the proper size enclosure to house your power supply and miscellaneous hardware. All of which you can purchase at the same places.
    Follow the instructions in your model railroad electronics book for the supply you are building. The books offer choices of voltages and amperages. The book will explain in detail the requirements you will need for your model railroad electronics projects.
    Be sure to practice soldering so that you can become familiar with just the right amount of heat to make the solder flow properly. Your model railroad electronics projects depend on it. Be careful to hold the piece that your soldering very still for few seconds to allow the solder to cool. If you should move you will have what is called a "cold solder joint" which will fail. Reheat the joint to flow the solder again untill you get it right. You'll get the hang of it after a few tries.
    Let's talk about the model railroad electronics books that are available for a moment. Its best to start with a book for beginners if your new to the game. There are many levels of books to choose from, depending on your skills. Most of the model railroad electronics books are published by Kalmbach Publishing Company. These books are tailored to custom building your own electronics from novice to the experienced builder. You'll be quite impressed at your results and amazed at the money you can save!
    The model railroad electronics books will also contain many other electronic circuits that you can build for your railroad. You can build block detection circuits, automatic reverse loop circuits, many types of lighting circuits, walk around thottles, even locomotive constant lighting and caboose lighting. 
    The most popular train control these days is called "command control". This type of control is accomplished by using digital electronics. Kalmbach publishes various books on the latest developements in the command control area. Model railroad electronics has come a long way in the past ten to fifteen years.
    Let's talk a bit about command control and what it can offer to the operator of a given railroad. It allows you to operate multiple trains at one time. It also allows you to run two trains on the same track. You can even run two trains head on and stop nose to nose! The model railroad electronics wiring is greatly simplfied with command control. Anyone with very little electronics knowledge can install it. There are many manufacturers of digital command control that are available at your local hobby supply model railroad electronics department.