About Us

About Us


        I started to pass on some of the experience that I’ve picked up over the years to others. I want to continue my tradition of helping new comers, existing hobbyists and anyone else that has a passion for the hobby.

       All of us here at want to welcome you to our website. Our website has been designed to provide you with quick up to date and accurate information to help develop your hobby.

       Here’s some background on who I am and how I got started with this wonderful hobby. My model railroading hobby started about twenty five years ago. I designed and built custom electronic power and lighting circuits for use in building layouts. I built a small display booth and a portable layout then joined the train show circuit here in New England. I attended most of the larger train shows here in southern New England. I specialized in designing and building, which was exactly what hobbyists wanted. I built custom power supplies, building lighting, locomotive lighting, caboose lighting, passenger car lighting, end of train lights, custom signals, reverse loop systems and much more. Fellow hobbyists would bring me there favorite locomotive and I would add constant lighting or flashing ditch lights and more. I got to know and became friends with a great number of hobbyists.

       I designed and built a large HO scale railroad in my basement. The layout required twelve of my friends to operate. There were seven New England towns and two large switching yards. We had operating sessions every other Tuesday evening from 7:00 to 9:00.  Everyone had a specific assignment and freight or passenger trains to handle. The yard operators had to receive incoming freights and had to make up outbound freights. They had to reclassify power for new or thru freights, etc. Most of my friends had layouts in their basements as well. We used to take turns operating a different layout every other week. We would all swap locomotives and specialty equipment to run on the different layouts. We had a lot of fun and everyone learned new tips and tricks from each other. It was a valuable learning experience for me in many ways.

       All of the information that I provide will continue to be free. I invite people to send me their own articles about the hobby, even photos too, to post on my website. I welcome new ideas, new products, anything that will better the hobby.

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